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Youth Indoor Rules

  1. Our goal is to help players improve and find a deeper love for the game of soccer through competitive play.
  2. Safety is critical and our referees are instructed to protect all players.
  3. SPORTSMANSHIP POLICY. At no time will unsportsmanlike conduct, physical or verbal abuse, or overly aggressive play be tolerated. Anyone who cannot adhere to these standards of fair play and sportsmanship will be removed from the league without a refund. A ZERO tolerance policy will be enforced regarding league rules and policies. We expect you to play and coach/captain in a way that respects the game.
  4. TEAM FEE. Each team must pay the Team Fee in full before the start of the league. A team will not be allowed to compete if they have not paid the team fee in full. 
  5. USE OF FACILITIES AND GOOD BEHAVIOR. To all league participants, officials, and guests: please remember that we are guests of the facility in which we play. Please do not abuse the building, its staff, or anyone within the facility. This includes leaving trash behind, swearing, yelling at referees, or any other acts that would be deemed disrespectful. Thank you for your cooperation!
  6. WEATHER CANCELLATIONS. Although we play indoors, if winter weather conditions are deemed unsafe to travel to the facility, we will attempt to contact your team captain and/or coach at least two hours prior to scheduled play for that day to make you aware of cancellations. You can also contact league manager Mike Parker at or 385-201-4637 with questions.

Players and Rosters, Coaches and Captains

  1. NUMBER OF PLAYERS ON FIELD. Indoor: A team on the field shall consist of not more than 6 players (5 field players and 1 GK) A minimum of 4 players on a team is required to start a match.
  2. ROSTER SIZE. A team can have as few as 6 players, but no more than 9 players listed on their roster.
  3. DOUBLE ROSTERING. A team can have no more than 2 double-rostered players. Double-rostered players must designate a primary and secondary team, and when those two teams meet in competition, the player must play with their primary team.
  4. COACHES / CAPTAINS. A team must be organized by an adult coach. The primary role of the adult manager is to ensure good sportsmanship.

League Rules

  1. GAMES. Games will last 40 minutes: two 20 minute halves, running clock. Halftime: 2 minutes. No grace period: the clock will start and end on time regardless of whether or not the team is ready. We will be on a very tight schedule with a new game starting every 45 minutes. 1 time out per game. Games that end in a tie will be recorded as a tie.
  2. FORFEITS. Games will be forfeited after 10 minutes if a team does not have enough players.
  3. EQUIPMENT. Each team must wear a uniform. The home team will wear their solid dark color (jersey and socks) and the away team will wear their white (or light) color (jersey and socks). Shin guards are mandatory: no exceptions! If both teams have the same jersey color, the home team will be asked to wear scrimmage vests (Please be ready for this:)
  4. FIFA RULES AND INDOOR EXCEPTIONS. We will follow FIFA rules with the following exceptions.
    • Kickoffs are indirect kicks.
    • Throw-ins are taken as an indirect kick from the touchline where the ball leaves the field of play. The opponent must give a 4-yard space for this restart.
    • Any ball that hits the ceiling or netting is given to the opposing team and the restart is a throw-in (indirect kick) from the touchline nearest where the ball hit the net.
    • Players must give a 4 yard (rather than 10 yards) space for a direct kick restart.
    • All penalty kicks shall be taken From the top of the arc/box.
    • Substitutions are "free-flowing". However, the exiting player must be off the field of play and not involved in play before the entering play can enter. Violation of this rule will result in an indirect kick to the opposing team at the location where the entering player comes onto the field.
    • The goalkeeper shall not punt or drop kick the ball, and shall not throw the ball beyond the halfway line. Restart is an indirect free kick from the center spot if punted, drop kicked, or thrown beyond the halfway line.
    • Any player receiving a yellow card will be sent off for two minutes without a substitute. The offending team will have to play a man down either until the two minutes have passed or the opposing team scores a goal. If the opposing team scores a goal, the offending team can restart with a full set of players but the person with the yellow card cannot substitute back in until the 2-minute suspension is served. The referee will signal when the two-minute penalty has been served.
    • Any player receiving a red card will serve a one-game suspension from the next scheduled match. Any player receiving two red cards (hard or soft) will be suspended for the remainder of the league.
    • No offsides.
    • 4-second rule: A player has 4 seconds to play the ball on any dead ball. This includes out of bounds, keeper throws, free kicks and corner kicks. (Violation - indirect free kick from the spot of the violation)
    • No sliding (except goalkeepers to kick save within the penalty area). The restart is an indirect free kick.


Nov/Dec League U11-U14
Games will be played on Saturdays starting Oct 30th, 2021- Jan 8th 2022
Jan/Feb League U8-U14
Girls High School League
Games will be played on Friday Nights and Saturday Mornings Jan 7th-March 12th

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